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Marble Surface


Skin Tests

We require clients to have a skin test 48 hours before their colour appointments if:


1) You are a new client.

2) An existing client who hasn't had their colour done within the last 6 months of your last appointment.

It is salon policy that you must have a skin test done. 

Corona Virus Health Forms 

It is now salon policy that clients must sign and return our Corona Virus Health Forms back to us within 24 hours of their appointment failure to do so will result in the cancellation of their appointment. These forms are designed to keep everyone safe so we will be asking questions such as, have you had any symptoms of Covid-19 etc. They will be sent before appointments for clients to sign and return back to us. Please make sure we have your up to date email address. You can send your email address to


Corona Virus Guides

Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic we have put into place our salon guides to ensure a safe working environment for both clients and staff.  These measures will be implemented when clients next visit the salon. Please familiarise yourself with them as they are important to keeping everyone safe.

On Arrival - Clients will be asked to arrive on time to appointments. Once you arrive please wait outside and call us to let us know. Once the salon is safe and sanitised we will let the client know when to come in. Clients will be asked to leave as many belongings at home or in their cars. When clients come in they will be asked to sanitise their hands and put their PPE on (mask and gloves) . PPE can be purchased from us but clients are welcome to bring their own. And belongings placed in a brown paper bag. Clients will be sat socially distanced from each other.


On Leaving The Salon - Clients will be asked before they leave to sanitise their hands before they touch the door handles. 

Magazines - Will be temporarily removed from the salon. Clients are welcome to bring their own into the salon as long as you take them back home.

Refreshments - We are unable to offer our usual service of offering refreshments. Clients are welcome to bring their own providing they take their rubbish and dispose of it. 

Paper Towels - Paper towels will replace cotton towels in the toilet. Please do not flush them down the toilet and use the bins provided. Tissue boxes will be provided on each station also.

Waiting Area - The waiting area will be closed temporarily. We ask that you arrive on time to your appointment. If clients arrive early please wait outside and ring us to let us know. We will let you know when we are ready for you to come in.

Reception - There will be a perspex screen at the desk for protection. We advise clients to book future appointments through social media, email or by phone. This helps to minimise a lot of clients waiting to make appointments.

Thorough Sanitation - We will be allocating extra time in-between clients for thorough cleaning such as work stations, door handles, toilet facilities etc. And changing and putting on fresh PPE ourselves. Due to this our usual working hours and appointment times may differ slightly.

Staff PPE - All staff will be wearing PPE including, face masks and /or visors, gloves and aprons. Which will all be changed in-between clients. PPE will be available to purchase for clients on arrival. Safety screens have also been installed.

Backwash - Perspex screens will be placed in-between each backwashing station.

Hand Sanitiser - There is hand sanitiser on arrival into the salon. We ask clients to use it before entering and leaving. It is mandatory you wear face coverings during the whole time of your appointment. 

Disposable Items - We will be increasing our use in disposable items such as towels and capes. While other items such as brushes, dryers other items and equipment all will be thoroughly sanitised in-between each client.

Payment - We are only taking payments via card. 

Prices - Due to the lockdown some appointments will incur a slight price increase depending on how much product we will have to use.

Social Distancing - While in the salon both staff and clients will be adhering to the 2m distancing rule to ensure the safety of everyone.

Temperature Checks - On arrival to the salon you will be asked some Covid-19 questions. We will then take your temperature. If temperature is 38 degrees and above we have the right to refuse your appointment. You will be asked to reschedule an appointment for 2 weeks time.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

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